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About yinshi
More than just meditation pods

Our aim is to make meditation easier and accessible
to as many people as we can, helping combat an epidemic of
stress and poor mental health in the process

Creating calm
Our mission is to make meditation easy

Yinshi was conceived to help improve workplace wellness, and workplace mental health.

Wellbeing in the workplace can be drastically improved through meditation and mindfulness programmes.
It's Yinshi's aim to make meditation easier and more accessible, so as many people as possible can experience the improved mental health it brings about.

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The Yinshi Meditation Pod offers people a peaceful and private space in which to enjoy the full benefits of meditation.

The name Yinshi comes from the ancient East.

Yinshis were revered individuals who lived in simple huts in remote areas, to find inner enrichment and peace.

Away from money, social norms and the bustle of cities, we reconnect ourselves with deeper thoughts and we’re free to be more creative and at peace.

In the 4th century, a Chinese bureaucrat called Tao Yuanning who couldn’t escape his pressurised job in the city, wrote a poem which started with the line; ‘I built my hut in the midst of people’.

We can (and often should) find the time to reconnect with ourselves, even if we don’t have the option of escaping the city.

Our home meditation kits and meditation pods aim to help people find this re-connection, and be calmer and happier as a result.

Our values

We’re optimistic about the incredible power that meditation and rest can have on the world. Infusing this into our day to day lives is hugely beneficial


We are passionate about wellbeing and know there are many ways to achieve it. We are simply helping you find space to find some peace, however you choose


We are curious and open to finding different methods and techniques to enhance your calm and mental wellbeing. We imbue our products with these findings


We source our products thoughtfully and are open about their origins


Yinshi is a space for anyone seeking connection or a sense of calm, regardless of race, gender or faith


We serve customers from a place of compassion and respect. We respect where each person is on their wellbeing journey and believe in the healing nature of compassion


The world needs calm. Sounds simple but we can’t get enough of it


We believe there’s an inherent healing quality in design. We’re passionate about creating products that function well but also have a beauty


We believe in the power of nature and look to incorporate elements of the natural world into everything we do

About Our products
"I love the meditation pod, it's like a secret hideaway from the world. Even 10 minutes in there without distractions does wonders for my stress levels"
Deputy Sister, St Thomas' Hospital, London
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