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Classic Home Kit

Especially good if you have a hard floor or sensitive ankles. Use the blanket for warm snugness or to make a more comfortable surface on hard floors.

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"The Yinshi Home Kit really helped me create a space for a daily ritual - I love my daily meditation now and my stress levels have come right down" Sinead, Horley

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- Online guided meditations 

- Mediation cushion

- Blanket

- Succulent plant

- 'Do not disturb' door hook

Price does not include postage which is added at checkout.

All the items in our kits have been researched and tested to give you the best possible meditation experience, in terms of comfort and effectiveness. By making meditation  enjoyable and relaxing you are far more likely to establish a daily habit, and it’s when you practise daily that the full range of benefits from meditation really start to appear. 

Improve mental health, reduce anxiety, relieve stress, alleviate depression, bring extra calm, creativity, focus and life your life to the full.

Below is a brief summary of why we chose each item in the kit and their specifications.

Guided meditations

Whether you’re a beginner at meditation or more experienced, our guided meditations will help you learn to meditate or add some variety to your existing practise. 

We have a variety of different meditations to reduce stress, to help alleviate anxiety and to help promote creativity. All of the meditations come in 10 or 20 minute versions.

To access them you will be given a password to the members area with your order confirmation. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 


The number one item on our list for enhancing meditation is a cushion. It will enable you to sit comfortably on the floor in any room and feel grounded, supported and importantly, alert. 

There are so many meditation cushions on the market but the ‘zafu’ style cushion is the king for several reasons, including posture alignment, height and comfort. Zafus bring your pelvis forward enough to encourage a straight back and the height of the cushions is ideal to raise your legs comfortably off the ground, to help avoid distracting aches and pains like pins and needles. 


  • -Comfortable buckwheat husk filling allows you to adjust height and hardness by changing the amount inside
  • -Reduces back pain by aligning the pelvis and knees while sitting
  • -Washable, durable 100% cotton cover and separate inner cover for the buckwheat
  • -Height approx. 16 cm, diameter approx. 30 cm. 1.62 kg
  • -Produced in the European Union from natural materials with care for detail


This is by far the best meditation blanket that we’ve tested. It’s the perfect weight and also has a very soft feel to the fabric, making it extremely comfortable (and also doubles as a great throw or sofa blanket).

Laid underneath the meditation cushion and your knees, a blanket can have a hugely beneficial effect by enhancing the comfort of your meditation experience. In particular, taking the pressure off your ankles allows you to focus on meditation and not be distracted by any discomfort or pain.  


  • -High quality, durable cotton fabric
  • -Environmentally friendly, manufactured and dyed under ecological and fair working conditions
  • -200 x 150 x 0.5 cm; 1 kg 

Succulent plant

A small touch of ‘biophilic design’ to make the environment for meditation that little bit calmer. 

Doctors are now prescribing ‘nature’ as medicine for certain health issues, and it’s been shown that even looking at a plant on a screen can have positive effects on stress levels. Having this touch of greenery to add to your meditation experience will help your overall feeling of calm and wellbeing. 

Please note that plants may vary slightly to the one pictured and are subject to available supply.

Approx size: 12cm high x 10cm wide


Do not disturb door hook

The last thing you want is to be disturbed halfway through meditation. Give yourself peace of mind that your partner, flatmate or children won’t wander into your room halfway through your meditation practise by using this tactful ‘do not disturb’ door hook.

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