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Imagine being able to go on a blissful meditation retreat every day. The Yinshi Home Meditation Pod will allow you to do this, and to deepen your meditation practice. It’s a sanctuary in your own back garden. Away from the interruptions of the house, you can experience a greater sense of calm, focus and clarity. Or just sit back and watch the clouds float by.

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Inspired by the golden ratio - the recurring pattern found in nature, from plants to galaxies - the Yinshi Home Meditation Pod is designed to create the right energy for meditation, and to give you a feeling of relaxation just from its presence. Simply knowing that you have a dedicated space to rest and help you become the best version of yourself is calming.

Meditation is scientifically proven to enhance various aspects of wellbeing, such as reducing stress and anxiety, and improve creativity, focus, relationships and all round mental health.

Yinshi Home Meditation Pod comes in a choice of calming marine ply wood or earthy corten steel.

For each Pod we receive an order from, we donate a Home Meditation Kit to someone in need, as we believe in the power of meditation to improve people's lives and society in general. 

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