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Work Pod #1

We want to help people to be the best versions of themselves; to be more creative, have better focus and be less stressed. Meditation and sleep are scientifically proven to help on all these fronts, but the problem is most workplaces don’t have space for them.

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"I love the meditation pod, it's like a secret hideaway from the world. Even 10 minutes in there without distractions does wonders for my stress levels"”

Deputy Sister, St Thomas' Hospital, London

The Yinshi Meditation Pod #1 is designed to:

- Help employee wellbeing

- Reduce employee stress levels

- Increase productivity 

- Foster a more harmonious environment

- Increase creativity 

- Attract a better quality of talent

- Give a strong signal that you trust your staff and value their mental health

The Yinshi Meditation pod is a private space designed for enhancing meditation but can also be used for mirco-napping, or other types of relaxation and productivity enhancing techniques.

Entering the pod you feel like you are stepping into out of your current environment into a new, more relaxing one and will leave feeling refreshed

This pod is the entry model and is designed for spaces that are already relatively quiet and secluded, adding an extra element of privacy and creating the right setting to get the best out of meditation. For a sound-proofed version see the Yinshi Meditation Pod #2.

Dimensions - 2m x 2m base

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